Religious and cultural places:

Following are the religious places in the village –

01) Kuldaivat - Khanderay Temple

02) Bhairavnath Temple

03) Vitthal Rukmini Temple

04) Kalubai Temple

05) Ganesh Temple

06) Datta Temple

07) Kamaljai Temple

08) Malganga Temple

09) Hanuman Temple

10) Shani Temple

11) Charangbaba Temple

12) Mahadev Temple

13) Peer Baba Dargah

Every year on the occasion of ‘Akshay tritiya’ villagers celebrate gramdaivata khanderaya. Wrestling , cart racing and entertainment programs are held here.

Similarly, they celebrate sajarya kalamajaiand Malganga goddess Pilgrimage on large scale .Pirababa festival is also celebrated every year with great enthusiasm .

Ganesh festival and Navratri festival are celebrated with great enthusiasm in the traditional way.